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Cycling Round Routes

Eingedi Retreat is ideally situated for cycling enthusiasts. The E.Freestate has a variety of terrains ranging from flat plains to hills – add to that the beautiful views of the Maluti Mountains in Lesotho, and you’ve found yourself and your bicycle in cycling heaven.

You are welcome to bring your mountain bikes along, to cycle on the farm amongst the game, or on the back roads of surrounding farms for various longer routes ranging from 20km to 50km and longer.

  • Eingedi has many scenic and interesting round routes, which are ideal for the casual and avid cyclist.
  • You can find the details below, which include maps of routes taken by previous cyclists that have visited us.
  • Apart from the long-distance cycling, we would also like to recommend going for an enjoyable ride amongst the animals on the farm itself. This is a very fulfilling mountain-biking experience up and down steep 4×4 slopes, until you reach the plains and are surrounded by the herds of wildlife.
  • We can also provide you with the ‘Dung Gate’ key to gain access to the wildlife area, without having to negotiate the 4×4 route.
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