Fun-filled playground adventures

We love the happy noise of children playing.  We are constantly busy expanding and working on the playground, so that our little guests can take home happy memories, and also to ensure that Dad and Mom have a relaxing time because the children are enjoying their stay, and are so tired at night, that they crash into a good long sleep! 

The playground has a very strong, sturdy, free-standing trampoline with a high-quality mat that even adults can enjoy (please no shoes while jumping, and not more than 2 children at a time).

We have added a lovely jungle gym with ladders, a slide, swing, climbing wall, suspension bridge, monkey bars and more. This will keep the children entertained for hours as they create their own fun games, and burn up all that energy.

The colorful round-about always results in shrieks of laughter. The motorized Swing Ride may be used under adult supervision at a small fee. 

Swings for different age groups <8 years, are part of the enjoyment that is offered. 

Please assist us in ensuring your children’s safety, and help us to consider other guests: 

  • Children, 8 years and younger, must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Please remember the quiet hours between 9pm and 8am.