Eland Hike

Day 1: 11km

Zebra Hike

Day 2: 6km

  • Eingedi’s 2-day hiking trail, traverses our 530Ha game farm, with beautiful views of the Maluti Mountains. It takes the hiker up and down hills and ladders, across game-filled plains with numerous antelope and bird species, and through interesting sandstone rock formations. Additional features include old British war forts, ruined Basotho huts and a village, as well as spectacular views in all directions.
  • For booked-in guests who enjoy hiking, you could choose one of the trails as a day hike.
  • The Eland Hike (day 1) is 11km long, and the Zebra Hike (day 2) is 6km long.
  • Click on ‘trial rates’ above for our hiking package pricing, or see the information below.
  • It is important to register at Reception, and to receive the map and hiking questionnaire, which has to be completed & handed in at Reception, for quality control.
  • This hike would be an ideal educational outing for school groups, as well as a team building experience and opportunity for youth groups or businesses/companies.
  • Buffet breakfasts or a lunch, on completion of the hike, are served by order, from Sundays to Fridays.

Hiking Package (min. 4 hikers):

Base R700 / Mid R800 / Peak R900 pp 


  • 2-night stay in our luxury backpacker self-catering unit
  • Access to both official hiking trails
  • Shared lodging in our large backpacker log cabin:
    • Petra Hostel – 11 sleeper (min. 6 guests)
    • More than 11 hikers will overflow into our 2 other log cabins
    • (Cosy Cabin – 5 sleeper, and/or Chai Cottage – 3 sleeper)
  • Reduced rate for additional night stays:
    • Adults R250pp/night
    • Children <8yrs R150pp/night
  • Less than 4 hikers will be booked into either Cosy Cabin or Chai Cottage at the website rates plus the hiking fee

* Optional Extra: a 2-course lunch or buffet brunch on completion of Day 2 – must be pre-booke

Camping Hiking Package

Base R540/ Mid R580 / Peak R660 pp


  •  2-night stay
  • Access to both official hiking trails
  • Access to Eingedi’s campgrounds and recently built off-the-grid ablutions
  • Rate for additional night stays:
    • Adults R170pp/night
    • Children <8yrs R125pp/night

* Optional Extra: a 2-course lunch or buffet brunch on completion of Day 2 – must be pre-booked

Chalet booking

Hikers may also book into a chalet of their choice at the standard website rates, which would exclude the R200pp hiking fee.

Check-in time for hikers: 14h00 on day of arrival

Check-out time for hikers: 14h00 on day of departure

Extended Stay Option:

R60pp/day (chalet guests); R50pp/day (campers and caravanners)

Arrival Time: From 8am

Departure: Until 4pm

Day Visitors:

* Entrance Fee R50

* Hiking Fee R100/hike

   TOTAL: R150

Booked-in Guests:


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