On Eingedi we love good, wholesome and beautiful food. We go the extra mile to ensure that what we serve is healthy, and that the ingredients are of a high quality.

MEALS & COFFEES (See Costs):

Our tasty cuisine, served either in the Dining Hall or Pavilion, weather-dependent, is a highlight for our guests. We try to make every meal we serve at our table, into a special occasion.

This experience normally feature strongly in our guest reviews.

Review 1: Thank you for the hospitality during my quick stop-over. The homemade food was absolutely fantastic and the chalet is very comfortable. You should be proud of what you have established here. Maybe until next time, who knows! (A guest from the Netherlands)

Review 2: Peaceful & restorative rest and a most delicious meal to set us on our way. Was a wonderful, quick stay.

  • We offer 2-course lunches and dinners from Saturday evenings to Friday afternoons.
  • Buffet breakfasts from Sunday mornings to Friday mornings.
  • Please book for a coffee and muffin/scone date (Sundays to Fridays).
  • On the first Sunday of the month, guests can enjoy a 3-course buffet lunch.

We need at least 10 bookings to be able to offer this tasty experience. (See Day Visitors)

  • We cater for specific dietary health requirements: diabetic, keto, vegetarian, gluten-free.

All meals need to be reserved ahead of time.
 – Booked meals need to be cancelled 12 hours in advance.
 – Late cancellations will incur a 100% charge.

MEAT (See Costs/Supplies):

  • Healthy beef and venison products from the farm, such as our own Eingedi recipe wors & patties, biltong, stew and mince, are for sale to our guests when we have enough surplus stock, and well worth the try.

All our animals are grass-fed and –finished. No artificial anything.

DAIRY (See Costs/Supplies):

  • Käse/Cheeses – Weiße Käse (cream cheese), Kochkäse & Ludmilla Käse – our variety is increasing!
  • Fresh farm milk, produced by our cows, is sold when available. (Please make arrangements with Reception if you would like to participate in the milking process.)

BAKERY (See Costs/Supplies):

  • Fresh breads – health bread, challah, French loaves, rolls, sourdough bread (pre-order)
  • Delicious German Cakes (pre-order)
  • Muffins



We sell in-season produce from our 2 organic vegetable gardens when available, and our guests are welcome to enjoy the experience of harvesting their own fresh produce.

Our organic gardens are tended and mulched along regenerative principles, in order to keep improving the quality of the soil.

We use heirloom seeds, or collect our own, in order to ensure that the harvest is not genetically modified.

No poisons are sprayed onto the plants, and no commercial fertilizers are used.


Our fruit trees are at a stage now where they are starting to produce, and are also all grown organically. Our E.Freestate back roads have an abundance of peach trees, of various types, growing along them, all natural and organic, from which we pick, eat and preserve.


If the crop is abundant, and too much to enjoy fresh, we use various methods of canning, to preserve the overflow. Once again, we use high quality ingredients, including rock salt and grape vinegar.

These home-made, healthy preserves, with a German touch, can be bought at reception. See the ‘List of Supplies’ – pickles, chutneys, jams and more!

We also have a sugar-free range of preserves, which is proving to be very popular.

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